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Yelverton Photography

I enjoy sharing my passion for photography by delivering something that sparks joy for others. I thank the clients below for sharing their testimonials. 

  • "You have a gift. Your pet photography is really special. It's like you capture their little personalities in every image." - C.B.
  • "Wow! Your animal photography is amazing! A lot of people say they take pictures of animals but I've never seen anything like yours. You can tell you really have a connection with them. You bring out their personality!" - R.G.
  • "Dee Dee  takes what is essentially mundane, and finds unique  beauty.  It may not be obvious, but she brings it alive. So very refreshing!” ̶  Lynn  
  • “I keep looking at the pictures you sent and thinking, 'wow, is this really me?' You do gorgeous work."  ̶  A. D. 
  • "You do beautiful work. You really bring out the animals' expressions and personality." - A.S.
  • "Wonderful working with you, Dee Dee! You have such a sweet, easy-going nature- AND great talent!" - Niki
  • "I changed my Facebook pic to the one you sent. The votes are in...AWESOME!  Could easily be the cover pic for a new country star! YOU ROCK!"  ̶  Mark
  • "Dee Dee has shot both bridal and fashion-style sessions for me, and I couldn't recommend her enough! Her sweet personality really helped me to be at ease in front of the camera, she was very reliable, and really took the time to listen to any ideas and suggestions that I had. I have shot with other photographers in the past, but found the variety of Dee Dee's shots to be the widest, and her timeliness in delivering my edited photos exceedingly prompt. I only wish I could have a second wedding so I could have more amazing photos!" -- N.J.K.
  • “My family had Christmas pictures taken by Dee Dee this year.  It was the first photo of  my oldest son that clearly brought out his personality.  He is 24 and  not only handsome, but  has the most engaging smile:   But, he never smiles in pictures!  Dee Dee took the photo I’ve been waiting for.   I can almost see his soul in that picture. …Amazing!"  ̶  Sheryl 
  • "I love your pictures of me! You do such pretty work.” ̶  Amy